About Kelvin-Helmholtz

We are a cyber security consultancy working with global critical infrastructure organisations across a wide range of projects. From international payment systems which span traditional and mobile platforms, to the integration of vulnerability assessment solutions for traditional broadcast media, government departments and pharmaceutical industries. Our team are experienced in providing cyber security consultancy across a wide range of industries, across a diverse range of technologies.


Certified Cyber and Cloud Security Consultancy, providing security expertise across diverse high profile projects for FTSE 100 organisations and government departments. From financial trading, banking and payment systems, to developing security strategy for securing critical national infrastructure we use our experience to help the UK’s leading brands.


Security architecture and solution engineering the right solution which if best for your organisation. We have also helped develop bespoke solutions to help our clients maximise the benefit from their existing infrastructure and toolsets, enabling a rapid understanding of cyber risks to their organisations.


Architecting a secure organisation goes hand in hand with an effective security response, being able to respond to security threats and attacks on your organisation.


Finding risks to each organisation is only part of any solution, from our expertise and experience we help to develop solutions for risk mitigation for the known and unknown threats to your organisation, helping to reduce the risk to your business.

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